• March 7, 2020

Friends of NRA Dinner

Friends of NRA Dinner

Friends of NRA Dinner 1024 576 Mullica Hill Rifle & Pistol Club
The Friends of NRA dinner is on August 15, 2020.

Cost is $55 per ticket which includes a family style dinner. It is held at Masso’s Ballroom in Glassboro. If you are not familiar with the Friends of NRA Dinner’s they are fund raisers to raise money for any qualifying organization in our state to apply for Grants for firearm safety and training.  Half of all proceeds stay in NJ and the other half goes to support the same national programs. 80% go to youth groups. Some examples that receive funds are, Women’s Day at the Range that MHRPC does every year, the Boy Scouts and 4H groups. Not one penny raised goes to the NRA for lobbing or anything else other than safety and training. It is a fun filled night out with other outdoors men and women. Last year we raised over $15,000. This is the highest amount this committee has ever raised. We need your support to make this year another success. For more details email mhrpc@verizon.net.

Order tickets at Friends of NRA Dinner Tickets

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